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Over the last 9 years, the Key of Hope Choir has grown and developed into an incredible long term mentorship program, and has expanded to a 50 voice choir, as well as a separate 20 voice jr. choir. This year, 25 children from the choir will be chosen to participate in a fourth tour to the United States. The tour will enable Key of Hope to enlarge its geographical reach by touring in new areas, such as Washington, DC; New York; New Jersey; and Indiana.

To date, the Key of Hope Choir has been invited to sing in significant arenas, such as Disney World; The Palace of Auburn Hills; and the Durban Playhouse. They have also been asked to perform at various influential conferences in Durban, including the International Congress of Pediatric Laboratory Medicine; the Global Leadership Summit; and the Wholehearted Conference.

Stay tuned for more information about this year’s choir tour. If you are interested in hosting the choir or volunteering during the choir tour, please email Dustin McClellan at